25 Adelaide Street East, Suite 1710

Toronto, ON, M5C 3A1


25 Adelaide Street East, Suite 1710

Toronto, ON, M5C 3A1


What are the objectives of the Meridius Separately Managed Growth Portfolio?

The Meridius Separately Managed Growth Portfolio is designed for investors seeking to preserve the value of their money, while benefitting from potentially competitive returns and diligent downside protection. The Portfolio is managed by Meadowbank Asset Management Inc.

Who is Meadowbank?

Established in 2007, Meadowbank Asset Management Inc. is a portfolio manager and exempt market dealer registered in the Provinces of Ontario and Alberta. Meadowbank is regulated by the Ontario Securities Commission.

How is the Meridius Separately Managed Growth Portfolio managed?

The Manager uses a two-pronged approach to select stocks for the portfolio:

1) A proprietary quantitative all times period model which has been back-tested for reliability and accuracy. This methodology is used to select securities with the best long-term risk-return characteristics among firms traded on the S&P/TSX 300, with a market capitalization of $1 billion or greater. Resource stocks are excluded from the stock selection process.

2) Qualitative criteria, including strength and consistency of management; growth at a reasonable price; relative valuation; dividend payout; and competitive positioning to determine final stock selection.

What kind of returns you can expect from the Meridius Separately Managed Growth Portfolio?

The Meridius Separately Managed Growth Portfolio does not aim to outperform the market or the benchmark. It currently strives to provide relatively reasonable returns in the range of 6% to 8% or greater on a consistent basis over time, while minimizing the risk of making losses. The goal is to ensure that our investors can sleep at night without having to worry about their money, market volatility and making losses. As for all products of a similar nature, investment performance is not guaranteed and is subject to market conditions.

What are the fees for investing in the Meridius program?

The Meridius Separately Managed Growth Portfolio has a variable fee structure, based on a declining scale tied to the value of assets invested. The higher the value of assets, the lower the fees. The maximum fees charged is less than 2% . Fees are payable quarterly, through direct payment from your account.

How can I invest in the Meridius Separately Managed Growth Portfolio?

Investors are accepted into the program based on an analysis of their objectives and level of risk tolerance. They must complete a Meadowbank application form, know your client questionnaire and discretionary management agreement. Meadowbank reserves the right to reject the application of investors who it deems unsuitable for the program.

What types of account can I hold in the Meridius Separately Managed Growth Portfolio?

You can hold investment as well as registered accounts, including RRSPs, RRIFs, LIRAs, RESPs, and TFSAs.

Can I transfer funds from another institution into Meridius Separately Managed Growth Portfolio?

Yes, you can transfer funds from any financial institution into the Meridius Separately Managed Growth Portfolio, once you hold a Meridius account and complete the appropriate transfer documentation. Meadowbank will handle the transfer, which can sometimes take up to three weeks.

What type of reports will I get from Meridius?

All investors receive a quarterly statement. Statements are issued electronically by the program’s custodian, Fidelity Clearing ULC. Investors can also view their accounts at any time using password protected on-line access to the custodian’s system. Annual tax reporting is also provided by the custodian.

Are my assets with Meadowbank safe?

Your investments are fully segregated from Meadowbank’s own assets. They are held by a custodian that meets the requirements of the Canadian regulatory regime. Currently, Fidelity Clearing Canada ULC is the licensed broker and custodian for the Meridius Separately Managed Growth Portfolio. Fidelity is based in Toronto and is affiliated to Fidelity Investments in the US. The firm currently has over $3 trillion in institutional assets under administration.

All cash and cash equivalent accounts are held at Manulife Bank, a Canadian Schedule A Chartered Bank. Funds held at Manulife are protected by Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation, subject to stipulated limits.