25 Adelaide Street East, Suite 1710

Toronto, ON, M5C 3A1



25 Adelaide Street East, Suite 1710

Toronto, ON, M5C 3A1


Established in 2006, Meadowbank Asset Management Inc. is currently registered as a Portfolio Manager and Exempt Market Dealer under the provisions of the Ontario Securities Act; and under the Passport System as an Exempt Market Dealer in Alberta, British Columbia and Quebec. Further categories of registration and Provinces may be added in the future if the firm were to expand its product offerings to meet clients’ needs.

In addition to managing its own products, Meadowbank also acts as portfolio manager and sub-advisor to Canadian and foreign asset managers and fund sponsors.

Through its Exempt Market Dealer operations, Meadowbank is involved in a variety of corporate finance activities, including sourcing of capital, mergers and acquisitions and reverse take overs.

The firm fosters an opportunistic stance, with no sector or geographic bias. It maintains a “free to roam” philosophy predicated upon its operating theme of “Borderless Investing”®.

Meadowbank may also operate as Octane Capital Partners and Gestion d’Actif Meadowbank.

Meadowbank – Conflict of Interest Disclosure Statement

“Borderless Investing” is a registered trademark, owned by Meadowbank Asset Management Inc.